Other programs

Field Trips

On special occasions we may take a field trip to a location away from the center. Parents will be notified ahead of the scheduled trip and will be asked to sign a permission slip allowing their children to participate. If you do not want your child to participate please speak with the director and other arrangements will be made. During a field trip, the children to teacher ratios are increased to ensure the children’s safety and needs are met.

Parent Teacher Conferences

Parental communication is very important to us at Jubilee Kids’ Academy. Please feel free to share any concerns or questions about the Center and your child with our staff at any time. We will hold an annual conference with you to discuss your child’s development.  

Meals & Snacks

In an effort to prevent dangerous allergic reactions, Jubilee is a PEANUT FREE school.

We serve a mid-morning snack, and an afternoon snack.  Each child needs to bring their own lunch and the infants 3mo-24mo must bring their own snacks and lunch. 

Staff members encourage the children to use good table manners and the use of our favorite words…“please” and “thank you”. Children must ask to be excused from the table and assume the responsibility of clearing their dishes.